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Re:Zero Final Impressions - SPOILERS
« on: 2016-09-18 20:10:21 »
So, first off: this entire thread is spoilers for the Re:Zero anime (LN spoilers are forbidden). If you have not seen all 25 episodes, turn back now!

This is a place to write your final overall impressions of the anime: what were your favorite moments? Do you think the show constitutes a deconstruction of the iseikai (transported to another world) genre? Why or why not? What did you think of the way they wrapped things up in the final episode?

Also, here's a great interview with some of the script writers about how they adapted the light novels to the screen, and about their differing takes on the series' protagonist.

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My impressions are still being formulated: I'll post them here as soon as they're a bit more coherent.
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Re:Zero Final Impressions - SPOILERS
« Reply #1 on: 2016-09-20 16:41:08 »
Personally I was both over- and underwhelmed by the finale. I liked the sense of resolution the conclusion gave, however it felt very much like the end of a series that didn't know if it was getting a second season or not. By this, I mean that the resolution felt forced, rushed, and overall much less effective than I would have hoped. Don't get me wrong, I still quite enjoyed the series, but I felt that the end could have been handled better. Also, shit is supposed to hit the fan right after the final scene, so I suppose they're saving that cliff-hanger for if the series gets renewed.