Which anime has the worst(most abrupt) anime ending?

Princess Principal
0 (0%)
Tokyo Ghoul
1 (50%)
Aldnoah Zero
0 (0%)
Others( please specify in the comment)
1 (50%)

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Author Topic: Which anime has the worst(most abrupt) ending for first season?  (Read 214 times)

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The first 11 episode of PP is great, but the last one just hangs there
same as Tokyo Ghoul first season
Aldnoah Zero's first season ending is just pure fucked up
What are some other options from people?

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Why are we counting cliffhangers here? Things like Aldnoah.Zero were in production the whole time, so calling the first cour "season 1" doesn't make a lot of sense.

Things that actually just ended and I was mad about, though: Kamisama Dolls. They even announced a second season, but then canceled it.

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I was also mad as hell about where the Index anime left off but my prayers are finally being answered with that one!
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