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INtellectual Exploration / Bingo Meme Thread
« Last post by tormaid on 2017-06-19 22:03:04 »
Making personalized bingo cards has become a meme, so this is a space to post your worst.

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I said I'd post about the PFSense router, so here it is. I've put together the hardware based on a lot of research. There were some hickups, but it ended up OK. I actually finished this almost two months ago, but hey, better late than never!

  • MBD-X10SLL-F-O uATX Server Motherboard (LGA 1150)
  • Intel Celeron G1820T Dual-Core CPU (2C, 2T @2.4 GHz 35W TDP)
  • 8GB Kingston Unbuffered ECC DDR3 1600 RAM
  • SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB MLC SSD
  • Intel 82573L Gigabit NIC (w/ riser)
  • Supermicro CSE-512L 200B Case w/ 200W Power Supply
  • Supermicro Passive LGA 1150 Heatsink

The reason I went with the Celeron and not the Intel Xeon E3 1220L v3, which has hyperthreading and a much lower TDP at around the same price, is that PFSense only recently added multi-threading support, so I believe I'll actually get better performance out of this higher-clocked chip. It's a little-known fact that all consumer Intel chips in the i3 line and bellow (Pentium, Celeron, Atom) support error-correcting memory, so there are no compatibility issues using this OEM consumer chip. Edit: I might actually be forced to get the Xeon a higher-clocked i3 after all due to OpenVPN adding support for Intel AES-NI hardware acceleration. I will take the opportunity to benchmark this, however, and post an update with the results.

You might also ask (rightly) why anyone would spend $500 on a router. Well, I have two main reasons: the first is that I am now using Ting's gigabit fiber, which you basically need a custom solution like this to take full advantage of, and the second being that I want to run an always-on VPN for privacy at the router level, which actually requires a fair amount of computational power at these speeds. There's other fancy stuff I can do too, like run a router-level firewall and (very importantly) an ad-blocker, but those are the main reasons. Also, if it wasn't clear why I had a second NIC, it's because PFSense requires this for separating the WAN and LAN.

Here are some pictures of the build:
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And finally, I just picked up this military-grade portable server rack for my entire setup that I can just slap a shipping label on and send anywhere I want on eBay last week for cheap. I'm moving in two weeks, so it will definitely come in handy.

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INtellectual Exploration / Re: Introduction Thread - Fall 2016
« Last post by tormaid on 2017-06-13 19:02:37 »
Removed sticky. We can make a new thread for the incoming members this fall.
Submissions are closed. I am currently compiling what I did get and we will be releasing an electronic version this summer, with printed copies available for the activity fair this fall. A big thanks to everyone who submitted stuff!
Submissions are closed. We will not be doing a 2016/2017 T-Shirt. Sorry!
INtellectual Exploration / Re: Visual Novel Recommendation Thread
« Last post by tormaid on 2017-06-07 01:45:13 »
Hey, so there's a humble bundle going on right now for most of Sekai Project's titles. Check it out!
Animation / Re: New Game! Appreciation Thread
« Last post by tormaid on 2017-06-02 15:57:29 »
Just another reminder what the best version of Aoba is~

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Animation / Re: New Game! Appreciation Thread
« Last post by tormaid on 2017-06-01 23:13:00 »
Small update:

New Game!! is set to air on July 11th! The full schedule is below:

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« Last post by tormaid on 2017-05-23 04:30:17 »
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Animation / Re: New Game! Appreciation Thread
« Last post by tormaid on 2017-05-23 02:25:05 »
P.S. I probably would've romanized "Hochiduki" as "zuki" or "dzuki" because I think that would encourage the closest correct pronunciation in English readers (since づ isn't really a sound we have in English) but "du" probably is the most technically correct.

Oh, you're right. I was lazy and copped the official romanization, but it's bad so I changed it.
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