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News / New Forum Theme
« Last post by tormaid on 2017-05-15 22:54:01 »
Hey, everybody.

So, you probably noticed the forums look quite different. Don't panic, if you like the vanilla layout more, you can change your own profile to use that by going to the "Look and Feel" section of your profile page. What this theme does give us, though, is better layout on mobile platforms and the flexibility to modify it as we like going forward.

For those of you interested in keeping this new theme, though, I want to get your input on color palettes. The current colors are just something I chose on a whim, and are easy to change. So, I'd like you to vote in this poll for the colors you would like to see. If you don't see anything there you like, drop a comment below!

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News / Re: Account Registration disabled for now
« Last post by tormaid on 2017-05-15 22:43:20 »
I have re-activated registration, but it requires admin approval for now. Hopefully updating our board software helps with the spam bots.
Spam / Re: The Mobile Games Thread
« Last post by XT-8147 on 2017-05-14 17:21:59 »
There's a game called Another Eden that looks interesting, but isn't available outside of Japan yet (short of shenanigans to access the Japanese Google Play).  It's relevant to my interests because a couple of of the staff members also worked on Chrono Trigger (which has a pretty bad always-online touchscreen-controls-only mobile port itself) and it borrows a lot of story elements, mechanics, and graphical theming from Chrono Trigger. (see relevant posts from /r/chronotrigger)

Mostly, though, the stuff I play on my phone only extends to short-session puzzle games (and Pixel Dungeon).  I recently beat 2048 (in the original 4x4 grid, I'm aware there are versions with larger grids), and am close to the achievements for playing the daily Flow Free/Flow Free: Bridges/Flow Free: Hexes puzzles for every day for a year, having already finished all the free puzzles and deciding not to spend my money on the paid puzzles.

Uninstalled Miitomo recently, it's just not fun.  Answering the same questions over and over gets kind of boring, and they only add outfit pieces that I'm actually interested in on a very infrequent basis.

As for the viability of mobile phones and tablets as a gaming platform, I won't say it can't work, but I will say that it's definitely not suited to some genres.  In general, though, I'd prefer to have a device that's designed specifically for gaming (or, for computers, built with gaming in mind) to one whose primary purpose is something else and just has gaming shoehorned in.

In that regard, I do feel like touchscreens are very well suited for puzzle games, and this is why there's a lot of them on mobile platforms.  Being a fan of puzzle games, I can't really complain.
Spam / Re: The Mobile Games Thread
« Last post by sarawr on 2017-05-14 12:46:26 »





I'm also on Otogi: Secret Spirit Agents! In-game name is currently "Soulstone life ;_;" (sans quotation marks)

-sits and watches thread eagerly-
Spam / SaltyBet
« Last post by GentlemanDefiant on 2017-05-14 04:21:20 »
Why is there no SaltyBet thread? There needs to be a SaltyBet thread.
Spam / The Mobile Games Thread
« Last post by 13thMuse on 2017-05-14 01:29:52 »
Because I'm mobile game trash and I know some of you are too, I thought I'd make a thread where we can all talk, exchange user IDs, make recommendations, brag about our gacha pulls, etc. We can also talk about the future of mobile gaming, whether RPGs and VisNovs should port to mobile, if mobile will ever be a real platform or if it's doomed to Candy Crush-level inanity forever, etc. I'll make an #effort post with all my games and user IDs later, but I wanted to get the topic started and see who else is interested ^^

P.S. For the record, I actually bought an Nvidia Shield tablet and 120 gig micro SD for playing mobile games (also for lightweight word processing, but w/e) because I spend that much time on them... ^^; It runs very smoothly and the graphics are beautiful compared to my tiny iPhone. Despite this, I'm not a whale! If you spend money on a game even once, it's all over... At least, that's my experience.
INtellectual Exploration / Re: Kumihimo
« Last post by 13thMuse on 2017-05-14 01:13:48 »
Additionally, a few extremely lucky fans were given a one-on-one kumihimo lesson by the craftsman Shinkai commissioned to make Mizuha's hair tie in real life; you can read an article about it here.

I've also made my own simple braid inspired by the movie. If you'll forgive the bad lighting, I've enclosed a picture:

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I used red and orange embroidery thread in pattern 3 below, though for some reason it insists on twisting instead of lying flat as shown. It's approximately 1 foot long, but it's too short to tie a bow like Mizuha does in the movie, so if I made another I'd make it at least 2 feet.

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I'm also planning to use a small flat loom I have at home to make a takadai braid. I believe this pattern is technically macrame, but as it's worked in a very similar style I think it will be good practice.

I'm in the process of making a flat marudai braid using this pattern, but it's a lot more challenging than I anticipated; I don't know if it's my inexperience or my homemade cardboard wheel but the tension is all over the place. I might see about ordering some real wheels online; they tend to be around $10.
INtellectual Exploration / Kumihimo
« Last post by 13thMuse on 2017-05-14 00:53:32 »
The movie Kimi no Na Wa has set off a resurgence of interest in kumihimo, or traditional Japanese braiding, both in Japan and abroad. I dug into this a little bit and I was amazed that it can range from the ridiculously easy to the amazingly complex. I've talked to Franklin about doing a presentation and how-to event next semester, but I thought I might share some thoughts here as well.

You may be surprised to learn that you've probably already made or at least seen a kumihimo bracelet in the past; it's one of the most popular methods of making friendship bracelets in the US and Japan, and I know my friends were all over it in middle school. The bracelets are made using a small wheel with notches in it; this image illustrates the most popular patterns:

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The arrangement of the threads at the beginning determines what the pattern will be; they are all braided the same way regardless. After setting up the wheel (which can be bought at Micheals for $1 or made using cardboard) with thread (embroidery floss, crafting string, or slim crochet thread) measuring 2-3 times the desired finished length, the threads are braided as shown in this tutorial. This page goes into more detail, and additional types of round braids can be found here. It is also possible to make flat braids using this method, though it is considerably more difficult and you will need a square wheel.

These are all modern derivatives of the traditional marudai loom. If you'd like to see someone using a marudai, this video is a good example:

The other method of braiding uses a takadai loom, and I've found it to be more similar to macrame. It's more challenging than marudai braiding, so traditionally apprentices would need to master the former and several other methods before moving on to takadai. In these pictures, you can see that Mizuha is using a marudai loom while her grandmother uses a takadai.

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If you're interested in the kumihimo braid that Mizuha wears as a hair tie, I've found a youtube video with detailed how-to instructions:

Warning: this takes some skill and 30+ hours to complete. It is worked in takadai style. I plan to try it at some point, and if/when I do I will post pictures.
Animation / Re: I'm Trash, Someone Tell Me What to Watch
« Last post by 13thMuse on 2017-05-14 00:03:56 »
No, but I saw the memes of it. Is it that good?

Is it that good he says

Shingeki 2 is also coming out if you wanted to catch up on that
« Last post by 13thMuse on 2017-05-14 00:00:11 »
This is a .gif but whatever

Everyone when the Switch cartridges came out:
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