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INtellectual Exploration / Re: Kumihimo
« Last post by 13thMuse on 2017-07-26 17:30:37 »
I've learned a lot since I last posted here. I won't bore you guys with all the details but basically if you actually want to learn real kumihimo and not just friendship bracelet stuff, you need to buy books. Specifically books in the series by Makiko Tada, because she is THE expert source on kumihimo in America. Here is a list of her books, though some are cheaper secondhand on Amazon marketplace. I bought book one, Comprehensive Treatise of Marudai Braids, because I'm building a marudai loom (I special-ordered the top, but the rest can be made with easily-sourced materials) and takadai looms are more difficult to work with and tend to run upwards of $500 so that's a strong nope from me. The book has side-by-side English and Japanese text, and though the English is flawed it does communicate all the important details. Many of the patterns in the book can also be adapted to the kumihimo wheel, and that's what I've been doing until I can get my marudai set up. She did also write several books for the wheel, but that's not really my area of interest so I didn't spring the $30-$50 for those.

I also learned why my first braid wouldn't lie flat; the picture I linked was for color placement for a different braid pattern than the one I used. It's extremely difficult to find instructions for that pattern (or actually any alternate round braid pattern) online, but now that I have the book I might try to re-make it or design my own Your Name-inspired color pattern.

Lastly, I have some information resources about buying or making a marudai loom on the off chance that anyone else is interested. This post outlines the importance of a dipped "well" on the braiding surface around the center hole; many of the cheap looms I found on Etsy, etc. don't have that well, and according to the Japanese experts it's vital. Carving this well requires a lathe or similar woodworking tool, and since I don't have that kind of skill I ordered the "mirror" surface on Etsy and now I'm working to assemble it according to my own height. Here's a measured drawing of the required dimensions of an official Japanese marudai, if anyone's curious:
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Animation / Re: Spring 2017 Anime Season - Discussion Thread
« Last post by 13thMuse on 2017-07-26 17:02:24 »
Just mentioning that someone should make the thread for this upcoming season.

As a follow-up, I didn't really have reason to change my initial assessments of the few shows I watched this season, except for Eromanga Sensei (worse than I thought, get that shit out of my face) and Kemono Friends (I'm gonna have to watch it now since it's such a Cultural Icon now.) There was a lot of pure fun entertainment last season that I didn't really feel this time, but there were some solid shows. My top show would probably be Sakura Quest because it gets pretty deep into the unpretty parts of rural development and the not-nice parts of early adulthood, but ultimately it is still a feel-good show and I enjoy that escapist element.
Animation / Re: New Game! Appreciation Thread
« Last post by 13thMuse on 2017-07-26 16:47:37 »
Thanks for doing that!

Are we gonna talk about "Nene Quest" because I would play that game
Animation / Re: AOTY: A Look Back
« Last post by bwbScram on 2017-07-16 19:43:29 »

1979 - Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
           (also consider: The Castle of Cagliostro, Anne of Green Gables, The Rose of Versailes)
1978 - Galaxy Express 999
           (also consider: Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Future Boy Conan)
           What is it with years ending in 8 being really good?
1977 - Invincible Super Man Zambot 3
           (Attack on Tomorrow, Jetter Mars, Nobody's Boy, Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace, Yatterman)
1976 - 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother
           (also consider: Chōdenji Robo Combattler V, Divine Demon-Dragon Gaiking, Candy Candy)
1975 - UFO Robo Grendizer
           (also consider: Flanders no Inu, Getter Robo G, Brave Raideen, La Seine no Hoshi, Tekkaman,
            Time Bokan, Steel Jeeg, Ikkyū-san)
1974 - Space Battleship Yamato
           (also consider: Chargeman Ken!  ::), Getter Robo, Great Maziner, Majokko Megu-chan)
1973 - Belladonna of Sadness
           (also consider: Aim for the Ace!, Casshan, Cutie Honey, Doraemon, Miracle Girl Limit-chan)
1972 - Mazinger Z
           (also consider: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Devilman, Astroganger, Triton of the Sea)
1971 - Lupin the Third
           (also consider: Wandering Sun, Marvelous Melmo)
1970 - Ashita no Joe
           (also consider: Tezuka's Cleopatra, the second entry of the Animerama trilogy  ::))

The 70s saw the establishment of several studios, such as Madhouse and Sunrise. Super Robo and space opera was often the genre of choice, but there is also the further establishment of slice-of-life, shoujo, and magical girl.

I think I will stop with the 60s next post.
« Last post by bwbScram on 2017-07-16 17:11:13 »
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Animation / Re: AOTY: A Look Back
« Last post by bwbScram on 2017-07-15 02:08:57 »

1989 - Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
           (also consider: Ranma 1/2, Dragonball Z, Patlabor TV series, The Guyver)
1988 - Legend of the Galactic Heroes
           (also consider: Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, Char's Counterattack, My Neighbor Totoro, Aim for the Top!,
           Ronin Warriors)
           1988 is right up there with 1998; Akira, Gunbuster, and 2 Ghibli films all would normally be
           AOTY, but they happen to be airing alongside LoTGH.
1987 - Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
           (also consider: Bubblegum Crisis, Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01, City Hunter, Kimagure Orange
1986 - Maison Ikkoku
           (also consider: ZZ Gundam, Laputa, Saint Seiya, MD Geist  ::), Violence Jack  ::))
1985 - Angel's Egg
           (also consider: Zeta Gundam, Touch, Vampire Hunter D, Area 88, Dirty Pair, Megazone 23,
            Blue Comet SPT Layzner, Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God, Princess Sarah)
1984 - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
           (also consider: Macross: Do You Remember Love? , Hokuto no Ken, Sherlock Hound,
            Giant Gorg, Dragonball)
1983 - Daicon IV
           (also consider: Barefoot Gen, Aura Battle Dunbine, Captain Tsubasa, Dallos)
           Call me a fanboy if you must, but Daicon IV is just so beautifully animated.
1982 - The Super Dimension Fortress Macross
           (also consider: Space Adventure Cobra, The Ideon: Be Invoked, Combat Mecha Xabungle)
1981 - Urusei Yatsura
           (also consider: Queen Millennia, Fang of the Sun Dougram)
1980 - Space Runway Ideon and not much else

The 80's saw a bunch of real robot shows thanks to Gundam. 83 had the first OVA in Mamoru Oshii's Dallos and the later half of the decade would feature several awesome OVAs that were more experimental in nature. Starting with Nausicaa and DYRL in 84, a number of movies with ever-increasing budgets debuted and culminated with Akira, which is still one of the best looking works of all time.

Next up is the 70s. inb4 lots of Super Robots
Animation / Re: AOTY: A Look Back
« Last post by bwbScram on 2017-07-13 02:06:30 »

1999 - ∀ Gundam
           (also consider: Crest of the Stars, Great Teacher Onizuka, Excel Saga,   Now and Then, Here and There, Blue                  Gender)
1998 - Serial Experiments Lain
           (also consider: Cowboy Bebop, Cardcaptor Sakura, Outlaw Star, Initial D First Stage, Kare Kano, Trigun,
            Brain Powerd  ::) )
            the fact that Lain and Bebop alone are here makes 98 one of the best years for anime, period
1997 - Revolutionary Girl Utena
           (also consider: GaoGaiGar, Berserk)   
           End of Eva airs in theaters.
1996 - The Vision of Escaflowne
           (also consider: After War Gundam X, Gundam 08th MS Team, Martian Successor Nadesico, Ie Naki Ko Remi)
            Lots of mecha in 96.
1995 - Neon Genesis Evangelion
            (also consider: Gundam Wing, El Hazard, Fushigi Yugi, Slayers)
            Important to mention two movies, namely Ghost in the Shell and Memories.
1994 - fuck it, I'm calling G Gundam AOTY for 94
            (also consider: Brave Police J-Decker, Macross 7, Magic Knight Rayearth)
1993 - Irresponsible Captain Tylor
            (also consider: Victory Gundam)
1992 - Tekkaman Blade
            (also consider: Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Flanders no Inu, Boku no Patrasche)
1991 - ??? (give me some time on this one)
1990 - Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
             Unless you're a fan of Samurai Pizza Cats, that's about it.

To be frank, the early 90's kind of sucked. G Gundam is fun and all, but AOTY? Mid to late 90s more than make up for it, though. 80's are up next.
Animation / Re: AOTY: A Look Back
« Last post by bwbScram on 2017-07-12 03:11:58 »
Back in the day, Animage Magazine's Anime Grand Prix was the go-to when it came to discussing what series was AOTY. It goes pretty far back (as in, the first recipient of the award was Gundam 0079).

Anyway, I'm gonna try to go back a few decades. As a rule, I will limit a series to one year (i.e. Eva isn't AOTY for 1995 AND 1996, despite airing in both). I'm probably going to leave some of the more recent years open, as I haven't kept up with newer stuff that much. I'm also going to mention other noteworthy series, whether they are runner ups or were just interesting, etc...

2017 - pending
2016 - ???
2015 - ???
2014 - Ping Pong the Animation
          (also consider: Space Dandy)
2013 - Aku no Derp Faces
          (also consider: Jojo Pt. 1, Watamote, Silver Spoon, Kyousougiga, Shingeki)
2012 - Sakamichi no Apollon 
          (also consider: Space Battleship Yamato 2199)
2011 - Steins;Gate
          (also consider: Fate/Zero, Usagi Drop, Tiger and Bunny, Nichijou, Madoka, Mawaru Penguindrum)
          2011 was pretty good
2010 - The Tatami Galaxy
          (also consider: Katanagatari, Ika-Musume, Panty & Stocking)
2009 - Eden of the East
          (also consider: FMA: Brotherhood, Inuyasha finally fucking starts to wrap up)
2008 - Kaiba
          (also consider: Spice and Wolf, Golgo 13, Detroit Metal City)
2007 - Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
          (also consider: TTGL, Baccano!)
2006 - Welcome to the N.H.K.
          (also consider: Code Geass, Bartender, Haruhi, Death Note, Ergo Proxy, People Die If They Are Killed)
           Another really good year
2005 - Eureka Seven
           (also consider: Absolute Boy, Honey and Clover, "In the year 2049...", Pani Poni Dash!)
2004 - Samurai Champloo
           (also consider: Diebuster, Paranoia Agent, Gankutsuou, Zipang)
2003 - Kino no Tabi
           (also consider: Texhnolyze, Planetes, Last Exile, The Animatrix, Fullmetal Alchemist)
2002 - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
           (also consider: Haibane Renmei, RahXephon, Azumanga Daioh, Princess Tutu)
2001 - ??? (Having a hard time with a series for this year)
           A great year for movies though (Millennium Actress, Cat Soup, Cowboy Bebop, Spirited Away)
2000 - Banner of the Stars
           (also consider: Boogiepop Phantom, FLCL)

Done for now, will do the 90s later today.
INtellectual Exploration / Re: Bingo Meme Thread
« Last post by bwbScram on 2017-06-28 01:03:30 »
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Animation / Re: Segments of Animation That You Find Interesting
« Last post by bwbScram on 2017-06-28 00:12:28 »
At last the final puzzle piece fills in and the image of Mita Park and we pan up to see Misaki’s hat blowing in the breeze, an oddly serene conclusion to such a high energy intro.

tl;dr, Welcome to the NHK’s OP is surreal and evocative and more than a little funny in a dark sort of way. It truly is a lot of sound and fury that actually happens to signify quite a lot about the characters and themes.

Sorry for the length of this, but OPs can have a lot to examine.
inb4 I give Eva the same treatment
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