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Title: Webcomics
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-02-06 20:07:56
Hello, Tails here. Figured I'd try something interesting to help contribute to the forums. I was thinking about trying a Webcomic posting/discussion thread in the forum. To start, once or twice a week I'd post a link to a Webcomic I know/like, give a little background on it, and let anyone take a look at it for themselves and talk about it here. People are also free to talk about their own favorite webcomics and post links to them in this chat as well. Let's see how this goes.
Title: Re: Webcomics
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-02-06 20:40:25
Alright, for my first entry in the weekly post, this comic may appeal more to Sonic fans, especially those more in favor of the older generation games. The comic is called "Not Enough Rings", by Veronica Vera, who may be better known for her longer-running comic, " Bittersweet Candy Bowl."

"Not Enough Rings" was a side project started by Vera back in 2011 on a weekly basis. Each page in the series was a satirical take on each level of the original Sonic games in order, from Sonic 1 to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The comic went on hiatus for a little while, until it finally started up again, finally ending in 2014. Reflect back on some of the fun, annoying, sad, hilarious, and somewhat adventurous misadventures of Sonic and friends from their days of old, but with a more humorous (and in some cases darker) tone.

Have a favorite Webcomic you wanna talk about? Post it in the thread and see what people think.
Or maybe you want to talk about this one? Love it or hate it, share your thoughts.

In the meantime, keep a lookout for my suggestions every Wednesday and on weekends
Title: Re: Webcomics
Post by: Frankevangelion on 2016-02-07 19:36:03
I have two webcomics that I quite enjoy, one western and one Japanese.

The western one is Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell. I found the first bounded volume in the library and loved it. For those who haven't read it, it's a mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements in a Hogwarts-like setting. I haven't really been keeping up with it recently but plan to in the near future. It's updated on a page-by-page basis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The link below brings you to the latest page, but if you scroll down, you'll be able to navigate the different chapters:

The Japanese webcomic is Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko by Yanagida Fumita. It's about this girl named Tomo who is constantly viewed by her childhood friend and crush, Jun, as a dude. It's slice of life and pretty funny at times. I really dig the art style.

This link leads to the Japanese site, but it's being translated on a pretty consistent basis and can be found on most manga sites:
Title: Re: Webcomics
Post by: Akibastranger on 2016-02-09 01:15:56
I only read one webcomic on a regular basis, but I like it so much that I actively fund it through Patreon each month.

That comic is Kawaiikochan!! Gaming no Korner, which can be found at (

There's really nothing out there quite like it. Kawaiikochans is an extremely low-fi production created entirely by one guy who doesn't even illustrate the comics, but instead renders them using stock assets from the "Manga Maker Comipo" software. The humor is almost entirely built around obscure import-gaming and anime references and puns, and on top of that, the dialogue and narration are written in a badly-mangled mixture of English and Japanese littered with T/L notes, giving the impression that the comic has been poorly translated by an incompetent scanlation group.

I'll be honest. Kawaiikochans can be pretty impenetrable at times, and its target audience is as niche as can be. But it's 100% to my tastes, and I feel an instant connection with anyone else who enjoys it.
Title: Re: Webcomics
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-02-09 16:13:41
Glad to see this thread is starting to catch on. Thank you very much for the contributions. I look forward to checking them out and encourage others who are interested to do so as well.

To help move things along, I'm gonna add 3 more to the list for people. I'll do an early post tonight for 2 of them and then post the third tomorrow on schedule.
Title: Webcomics Update (1a)
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-02-09 16:14:56
Alright, so this post is me enjoying the fact that this thread got some response. So, as I said before, I'm gonna to a 2-Part post to celebrate. Today's portion includes 2 'cutesy' kinds of comics that I've read, and tomorrow I will post a more 'story-driven' one. So, without any further ado....

This first Webcomic in today's post is called 'StupidFox.' The first page posted in August 2008, StupidFox follows a fox, aptly named, and/or his friends in many different situation ranging from 'slice of life' moments to ones that are otherwise random or impossible. Each page has a minimum guarantee of getting at least one chuckle out of you or your money back. And it's not just the story itself from each page that adds to the humor, but in some cases they way the story is told. You'll notice here and there when the artist changes styles, breaks panels, breaks the fourth wall, etc. Unfortunately as of January 26th, the series has taken a break indefinitely on making comics, but the artist is still doing artwork for it in the meantime. And for a simple webcomic it has a relatively large following [insert Facebook Page/Twitter Feed advertisement here].

The next is a silly comic about an adorable little puppy and his....I guess you can say friends... I'm not entirely sure at this point. Anydoge, 'Ichabod the Optimistic Canine' is a series by the artist known as Ayla Stardragon. (Not gonna lie, if that's her real name, I'd be jealous. How cool would it be to have a badass last name like "Stardragon," eh?) Starting back in 2013, the series continues even now, however the updates are few and far between, but don't let that take away from what this series has to offer. Ichabod is the cutest corgi you'll ever see an artist draw, and nothing will ever rain on his parade. With naivety and occasional dumb luck, this stubby ball of floof will always find a bright side to anything.

Who could adore a face like this?

Anyway, that's all for today. Check back tomorrow for part 2.
Title: Webcomics Update (1b)
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-02-10 16:35:13
Good morning, everyone. Today I share with you an amazing Webcomic that I followed back in my early high school days (and should really get back into if I have the chance).

'Dream keepers Prelude' is a beautiful Webcomic series, created by David and Liz Lillie, and it was one of the first major ones that I had followed around the time I started reading webcomics. The Prelude itself is actually a prologue to the original 'Dreamkeepers' series, hence its name, set years before the events of the original story. DK was originally published as a graphic novel series and is still going with a 4th volume currently (12 chapters in total so far), and the creators are currently pushing for funding towards volume 5.

Unfortunately, for a handful of reasons, I never got a chance to read any of the original, so there's not much detail I can give to the story. However, from what I do know of it, this is the best I can do: 'Dreamkeeprs' follows five people who become endowed with special powers, and are faced with protecting their world from monstrous creatures that look almost nightmarish in appearance. There's more to it than just that, but like I said, this was the best I could do. If you're ever interested in reading the original series (PLEASE NOTE: Each volume does cost money to download/purchase, so please be careful.), you can find a link to getting a copy of each volume through the webcomic's website.

For some of the same aforementioned reasons, I fell out of reading 'Prelude,' as it's commonly known by readers, and I regret it a lot. As with the original story, the Webcomic is still going right now. It goes into the lives of 4 of the of the 5 main characters from DK, focusing on their childhood experiences long before the events of the main story. The comic is split into 2 separate storylines that run parallel to one another, with each new arc alternating between each one. One storyline follows sisters Lilith and Namah, daughters of one of the wealthiest and well-known entrepreneurs in the country. The former of the sisters faces the struggles of everyday life in private school, falling victim of being the odd girl out both due to and in spite of her father's reputation. Namah on the other hand is forbidden from leaving their home and interacting with anyone from the outside other than her family and caretakers, due to her father's fear of a groundbreaking secret about her getting out to the public. The second storyline follows young boys Mace and Whip (lol). Growing up together in the worst orphanage you'd ever find in the city, the boys and their fellow orphans try to make the most of their lives, almost always landing themselves in trouble. Hopefully a day may come when they finally get to leave that dump of an orphanage for good and live happier lives, so long as their caretaker doesn't work/starve/beat them to death first.

Here's the link if you wanna check it out:
Well, that about wraps things up for today. Just realized I wrote a damn essay for a post. Will try to keep it shorter in the future....... No promises.
In the meantime, keep a lookout for an update every Wednesday and Weekend.
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-02-15 01:11:27
Hello again. Time for this weekend's update.

This Webcomic is actually pretty.....interesting. 'Draconia Chronicles' is a story that depicts two species that have been mortal enemies for as long as they can remember. The Dragons rule in a more elitist type of society compared to their counterparts. Wielding magic, they protect their civilization from outsiders and maintain their race. Meanwhile, the Tigers live a more primitive lifestyle in the surrounding forests. Wary of their magical enemies, the Tigers rely on their instincts as hunters and warriors to survive in any way they can. These two sides will stop at nothing to elimate the other, and yet, amidst the fighting between them, there still seems to be a struggle for peace. Will a rogue tigress manage to find a way to end a centuries-old war, or will the fighting and bloodshed continue?

This comic was started in 2005 by Danny Valentini. His series has been displayed on the 'Katbox' website, for anyone who knows of it. If you've ever been to Nekocon in recent years, you could find him in the Artist's Alley. Really great guy to talk to and really amazing artwork.

WARNING: 'Draconia Chronicles' does display suggestive themes and partial nudity throughout the series. (I had to get a different link for the comic, as the most recent page caught me by surprise.) I wouldn't recommend viewing this comic if you find it's content uncomfortable. My apologies in advance if anyone doesn't care for this.

In the meantime, keep a lookout for my posts. While I can't promise they will be on schedule this week, I will make sure to have a post out around each scheduled update. Stay tuned.
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-02-18 15:44:53
Hello everyone. Sorry for the late update, got busy yesterday. However, something "relatively good" came out of me waiting until now to post. At first, I was going to reluctantly do the post on my all-time favorite webcomic (reluctantly because I talk about it a lot, and when I DO make that post, prepare for an essay again). However,  I literally just got finished watching a video about a webcomic that I never heard of, so I decided to pick this one instead. So here we go.

Unfortunately, I haven't read any page from it yet, so I don't have much detail on what it's about, aside from appearing to be another "slice of life" series (nothing wrong with that). What made me want to discuss this one is the way I learned about it. It's a sad and touching story. "Cyn Wolf" was a series started in 2008 by the animator known as Crowne Prince. The video I saw, posted a few weeks back, is the animator making her official statement that the series has come to an end. It's heartbreaking  because this series and character were once a project Crowne was passionate about, even to the point of having to prove to YouTube mods that she owned the rights to it after a copyright issue. Sadly, after a while, she was unable to continue working on the series and had to move on, writing an ending for it when she still had more she wanted to do with it. So, I decided that I'm going to check out the series for myself and see what it's like, and I encourage anyone else who's interested to do so as well.

An aside before I close out: This is the first time I've come across this kind of situation. A lot of the comics I read are still ongoing. Others either finished their story, went on hiatus, moved to another site, or are just outright dead mid-plot. Without even reading it yet, I already hate the fact that it was forced to come to an end. It's crushing to realize that you're no longer able to do/work on something you're passionate about, especially when the reason is outside of your control and even when you've done it for so long. But that's just life. Posting a dead comic on a forum isn't going to revive it, but at least someone out there will be able to enjoy it for what it was. If you have something you're committed to that you love, hold on to it, no matter what. It's a part of who you are and it always will be. Never forget that. That is all. "Cyn Wolf" -  You can find the video I watched on the most recent update to the page, as well as links to Crowne Prince's other websites.

Welp, I'm not gonna ruin the depressing tone of this post with my usual Copy-Pasta sign-off, so I'll just end with this. Check it out and see what you think.
As for me, I'll be back this weekend with another series. Take care, everyone. Peace.
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-02-27 20:36:21
Hello again, folks. Sorry for missing a week's worth of posts. Been WAY too busy to keep up with schedule. I'm gonna try to keep to schedule. Anyway, for this post I'm going to do something different, mainly to try and see if I can get a discussion out of it if anything. I'm going to actually talk about a comic I really don't like anymore.

"Bittersweet Candy Bowl," a comic I noted from my first post, is a series I followed early on in high school (I first found it from looking over a classmate's shoulder one day in the computer lab). Coincidentally, BCB follows the lives of various kids as they go through middle and high school, as well as their outside lives. It may have gone further than that, but at this point I'm not sure. The character dynamics can be related to, and each character has a different aspect of themselves that is seen depending on who they interact with. Aside from that, the Artist's style is actually really good in general.

Now, as to why I don't care for it anymore....Part of the reason is the lives most of the characters have outside of school. One one hand, if you were to take that all away, that leaves you with only ~50% of the actual story, which would have plot holes left unexplained after removing the other half. On the other hand, that side of the story is often sad and depressing. I understand that this appeals more to some people than it does to others (myself being in the latter in this case), I find it hard to find a character I really appreciate in this story. The other part of my reason is the portrayal of the two original main characters of the story. The girl, who seems very introverted early on, actually has an interest in the boy, but shows it in a rather aggressive way. The boy doesn't fully understand her behavior, but at the same time has a crush on another girl who moved away years prior. Ultimately, the first girl's efforts to win him over fail horribly, resulting in an outright hatred between them two. Furthermore, the story almost forces you to sympathize with her for losing him, but is contradicted by her outward behavior towards everyone else. I just couldn't bring myself to continue.

However, this is all my opinion on it from years ago when I stopped reading. While I may not return to this Webcopost: that's not to say that the story may not have gotten better since I left it. Those who are curious may feel free to read it for themselves and have their own opinion. See what you think.

[Running program 'outright.exe'........]
"Have a favorite Webcomic you wanna talk about? Post it in the thread and see what people think.
Or maybe you want to talk about this one? Love it or hate it, share your thoughts.

In the meantime, keep a lookout for my posts each week."
[Terminating program 'outro.exe'._]
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-03-18 13:29:46
Hello everyone.

First, let me begin by redundantly apologize for the temporary hiatus, as exams, Spring Break, and other things on my busy schedule led me to take a short break from doing this, and for that, I'm sorry.

Anyway, back to business. So for this weekend's post, I have a webcomic that's a slight combination of Monster Hunter and Fairy Tail. And I say that because I couldn't come up with anything better to compare it to or describe it atm, so bare with me. The series is called "The Hunters of Salamanstra," which was started back in May 2014 by John Joseco. As with most series that lack creativity in their titles, the name basically says it all. No offense to the creator of the comic. While I love the series, I also love nitpicking shit just as much, so this is my obligatory "shots fired" at him for it.

So, as you would expect, the story takes place in Salamanstra, a seemingly peaceful world that is actually bordered by badlands inhabited by vicious, gruesome, deadly monsters. Many people take on the profession of being Hunters, as they are called, joining guilds in the pursuit of hunting and killing the monsters that threaten their people. It's not an easy job, though, as most Hunters and guilds thrive off of collecting a bounty on monsters. It doesn't help that relations between guilds are far from friendly, pushing them to fight against one another for money, resources, and maybe even glory.

The story follows a girl named Kessah, who is the younger sister of Salamanstra's greatest Hunter ever known, "The White Wolf." Dianna, as she is formally known, has a sometimes-close-sometimes-distant relationship with her sister, having hidden the truth of her profession from Kessah for years. Her reputation as a legend has brought her and her guild on many quests, but at the cost of being away from the only family she has left. Unfortunately, the story begins on a grim note with a crushing blow dealt to the guild. Despite the successes from many challenges set before them, The White Wolf and her group are easily slaughtered in battle by a powerful monster. The only survivor of the failed raid fulfills Dianna's dying request to find her sister and inform her of Dianna's demise. Kessah, now learning of the secret that was kept from her for so long, wants to follow in Dianna's footsteps. She sets out into the world to become a Hunter and hopefully live up to her sister's reputation, no matter the cost...

It's quite an interesting series. The concept is detailed and the story/storytelling has improved from the beginning. Not to mention that it's not another slice-of-life series, thank goodness. Other than that, there's not much more I can say on the comic, but if you're into monster hunting and Final Fantasy- and Berserk-esque stories, then I'd recommend THoS to you as a good read. That about does it for me. If you're interested you can find the link to the comic below, and if you're still reading this you can find the outro towards the end. Take care.

"Have a favorite Webcomic you wanna talk about? Post it in the thread and see what people think.
Or maybe you want to talk about this one? Love it or hate it, share your thoughts.

In the meantime, keep a lookout for my posts each week."
Title: Webcomics Update (Warning: The BIG One)
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-03-21 15:18:45
*Sigh* Well, I don't think I can put it off anymore. At this point, I'm just gonna get this one over with. I'm slowly running out of webcomics to talk about, so I have no other choice. This one's the one I've been avoiding until now, just so I can get my favorite out of the way while I still enjoy posting in this thread. If you're wondering why I'm posting it earlier than usual, it's because of a few reasons, namely dues to exams and the fact that this one is gonna be a long-ass post. So without further ado, pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful post/rant/etc that I spent an entire class period and then some (not kidding, had nothing better to do) to work on.


(Background Info):
The webcomic is called "Twokinds," created by Thomas Fishbach. If the name sounds familiar, then it may be worth noting that he is actually "Markiplier's" (I believe older) brother. There's your fun fact for the day, take it as you will. Anyway Twokinds was started back on October 22nd, 2003, running for 13 years now and still going strong, with a handful of side-comics to boot. The original idea for the story was slightly different than what it is today, and the first pages of the original can actually be found as its own side-comic online, if you know how to use google (No hidden meaning there at all, I swear).

(Comic Overview):
"Now, how do I go about giving a summary overview without spoiling to heavily?" *cracks fingers* "Fuck it, I'll have to re-read and edit it...just great."

Imagine you wake up one day and you have no memory of who you are or why you're here. Before you can start to process anything, you hear a scream off in the distance. You find a girl, a young tigress, who's about to be attacked by someone, only to save her from her assailant. The girl, just as lost as you are, sticks with you for a while as you try to piece everything together and figure out who you are...or...who you were...

"Alright, now that that's over with, time for a spoiler overview."

The story takes place a world where humanity lives alongside 2 other sentient species: Keidran, a race of canine-, feline-, and vulpine-based humanoid creatures that live in a way similar to that of Native Americans within their own territory, away from human villages; and Basitin, an exclusively caracal-like humanoid species similar to Keidran, that mostly have their own monarchy in place within their home island across the ocean. Relations between each race are far from peaceful: the Basitin keep to themselves and rarely any of them venture from their home island or interact with outsiders, except on special occasions; humanity does not see Keidran and Basitin as their equals, often hunting, capturing, and even enslaving Keidran against their will; the different races of Keidran, while well aware of their relation with the other species, are at odds with each other, with the Canines and the Felines on the brink of conflict; a child being born from parents of different species is completely unheard of, and rumored to be a taboo punishable by the gods.

Trace Legacy, the main central character, is a man of mystery with a heavily checkered past. He once served as The Grand Templar, the title of most skilled mage and possibly most powerful member of the Templar. After the murder of his wife, allegedly by a Keidran, Trace became more of a tyrant, having cold, harsh sentiments towards anyone that wasn't human, and nearly putting humanity on the brink of war with their furred counterparts. The story begins after he loses his memory, as he rescues and travels with Flora, a Tiger-Keidran that escaped from being a slave, and has a past that may be connected to Trace himself. The two begin to foster feelings for one another as they face the world around them. Despite his former reputation and the fear that came from it, the identity of "Trace Legacy, The Grand Templar" faded into obscurity after he lost his memory and was presumably cast aside by the Templar. In fact, the only people who may know who he is now are anyone who knew him personally or those who recognize the mark of the Templar on his face. As Trace learns the truth of his past, he's faced with embracing who he once was and either returning to his own ways or starting a new life. What's more is that his feelings for Flora grow in a world where such a thing is deemed forbidden. Right now, the best hope for them may be secluded island, uncharted on any map and heard of only in myth, where Humans and Keidran live peacefully as equals. These two are going to have to survive and undo the damage that the Templar has caused around the world, and find a place for themselves and their people.


While I can't say that Twokinds is the very first webcomic, or furry-comic, it's the one I've followed for the longest time. Furthermore, this was the one webcomic I read that made me realize that I was a furry, fluffy and proud. It's a well-known series, for furs and non-furs, if you have an interest in webcomics.

One of the biggest things that has kept me following this series is the constant evolution of the comic. Something you begin to notice as the comic progresses is the change in Tom's art style. The pages early on are choppy at first, but you notice the improvement in his drawings as you keep reading.
On top of that, the story is no longer linear, in the sense that some arcs focus on characters and subplots that have little connection to the main story, as well as an occasional shift between the main cast and a similar group in which both sides run parallel to each other until they eventually meet up.
Lastly, each major arc seems to introduce new characters, and/or focus back on older ones that weren't as well known.

Well, there you have it. Congrats if you had the patience to actually read the whole thing. It took me a roughly a day in total to write this (;-;), and I'm fine with that. I won't pressure you just because this one is my favorite. If you're interested in Twokinds, check out the link below and see what you think. If not......(;-;)......
...Jk, but it's fine, everyone has their preferences.


Anyway, thanks for reading, I'm off to go pretend to study now. Take care!

"Have a favorite Webcomic you wanna talk about? Post it in the thread and see what people think.
Or maybe you want to talk about this one? Love it or hate it, share your thoughts.

In the meantime, keep a lookout for my posts each week."
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-03-29 13:28:28
Hello again, everyone. Time for another inconsistent update. This one was inspired by a good friend of mine.  He 'voiced his opinion' to me one day that the material I post in this thread has been of the....*ahem*..."Furry" persuasion. Now, a few things came to mind when he told me this:

1) "U fukin wot, m8? Ah'll rek ur shit."
2) That is a fair point, but as I stated from the beginning, the webcomics that I post here are ones that I know of, have an interest in, and/or have read for a while. It wouldn't make sense to go try and find a comic I've never heard of or read and talk about it here.
3) Well....there is one webcomic I've read that's technically "not-furry," so I guess I could talk about that one.

The series is called "Slice of Life," a webcomic as well as an "Ask" blog run by Egophilliac on Tumblr. The comic itself follows a family of four that both run and live in a local sweets shop in town, and their unusual housemate.

The story begins many years prior, with the origin of the housemate. Back then the shop was falling apart and not bringing in much money, thus putting the couple owning it at risk of losing their business and home. Suddenly, a miracle happens when a strange girl comes into town and takes a major interest in the thenfarmer their shop. As it would happen, this girl comes from a family that runs a rock farm, one of the most successful and well-known rock farms in the industry, despite its outward appearance. The girl convinces her parents to work out a generous deal with them, giving them enough money to cover all of their debts and even renovate the shop completely, and in exchange the farm girl gets to live there free-of-rent and gets to own a portion of the business.

Years later, thanks to the farm girl's contributions and cooking skills, the shop is still running strong, and the couple has since become parents to a set of twins. Now that things are better, follow along as the family puts up with all sorts of "(refer back to the cliché title)" moments as the children and the farm girl get into crazy antics around town and interact with the locals, leaving the parents to often clean up after them.

Unfortunately, as of the later part of 2014, the comic is on an indefinite hiatus, and more than likely done for good (allegedly stated by the creator), despite many pleas from readers. The story thus far has ended with certain events coming around full-circle, but leaves enough room for it to pick up again if the time ever comes. The story has a decent level of humor here and there, often being hit-or-miss with readers depending on how well they get the reference or joke. The chapters vary in length, but overall no more than ten pages long each. There is an overarching plot present, but also a fair amount of filler to balance it out. Lastly, the art style for the comic is very cartoony, almost childish even, but it's still a great fit for telling the story and portraying the characters in this case. Overall, despite the style used in his comic, as well as his crude background, Egophilliac is a decent artist in general.

Even more bad news.....I kinda don't have the link to this one anymore, and for some reason I can't get onto Tumblr to get it either. If you would like to check it out, and have a Tumblr account to do so, feel free to find it online. PLEASE NOTE: For anyone looking for it, I left out one key detail about the comic that you should be able to pick up on easily once/before you find it. You've been warned. (And NO, its not NSFW!)

"Have a favorite Webcomic you wanna talk about? Post it in the thread and see what people think.
Or maybe you want to talk about this one? Love it or hate it, share your thoughts.

In the meantime, keep a lookout for my posts each week."
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-04-11 13:13:40
Meow!😸 everyone, another update to make up fur lost times.

If there's one thing you should understand about technology, it's that, more often than not, you shouldn't trust the knock-off brand of a purroduct, ESPECIALLY in the case of a cell phone.

"iMew" is a short side comic by Ronaldo Rodrigues, better kmeown by readers as 'Nekonny'. iMew was done alongside his first main webcomic, Caribbean Blue. Despite its short length, this comic took roughly 3 years to compawlete, starting in 2010 and ending finally in 2013. This was mostly due in purrt to the fact that Caribbean Blue was his main purroject, and thus had more purriority, while the updating of iMew was based solely on donation, unlike it's counterpart.

Sammy gets herself a new phone, and fur a purretty meow-velous purrice too. Only purroblem is that the phone's default language is in Chinese, which Sammy can't understand. So, like any curious and motivated youth, Sammy goes through the phone trying to figure it out, without consulting a manual or contacting Tech Suppurrt. Okay, I lied earlier...Sammy's got bigger purroblems meow, as tinkering with the device doesn't put her any closer to figuring it out. In fact, each new thing that she (or someone else) tries to do with the phone, Sammy slowly turns into a cat. To make matters worse, the phone is dying quick and Sammy doesn't have a charger fur it. It's a race against time to save this poor girl furrom being stuck as an adorable little kitty forefur. X3

There's not much else to meow with this comic. The story flows nicely, the humor speaks fur itself, and a couple refurences are thrown in just fur kicks. Aside furrom that, find the link below.

In the meantime, keep an eye out fur my posts evurry week. Take care, everyone.

Please Note: I would like to thank our lovely current VP, Em, for showing me the Kittify website, where you can turn your text into a slew of cat puns. As a show of appreciation, my next update will be one that she recommended to me.
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-04-18 10:34:38
Hello again everyone. This update has been brought to you by the raging screams and broken friendships of drunk people playing Smash Bros, and from the one guy standing at the other end of the hall singing "Hey There Delilah". No seriously, why the hell is he just standing there singing it in the hall? I'm not making this shit up at all, I swear. Tonight's been a rather....eventful night here in the dorm anyway...

Anyway, like I said in my last post, today's webcomic is actually one that was mentioned to me by our lovely (soon to be former graduating) Vice President, Em. She showed it to me earlier this week and I gave it a shot, and I gotta say that I'm impressed by both the story itself and of the author who made it. We're talking "top-quality" shit here.

"Ava's Demon" is a comic series made by Michelle Czajkowski, the sole creator. She began making the comic as a hobby, and started posting it online back in 2012. The series has had a long run with 17 chapters so far and 2 books published, and it's still going strong today. The title is self-explanatory: the main character, Ava Ire, is gifted in the fact that she's accompanied by a demon by the name of Wrathia Bellarmina. Despite their bond, Wrathia seems to find entertainment in berating and demoralizing her human counterpart, much to the latter's misfortune. However, Ava isn't the only one with a demon by her side. Follow along in the story as you encounter other humans and demons as well as try to make sense of the world.

I didn't get too far into the story at first before being captivated by it, and I'm going to try to continue to follow as it goes along. Czajkowski's depiction of this story is amazing, and for someone who has made this comic practically their profession, it shows. The thing I find most unique about it is the page-by-page progression of the story. Each page is a one-panel strip, with 10 pages/panels posted per update, so 20 panels total come out every week. But that's not the most interesting part, oh no! It's the way each panel is done and presented. For the most part, each panel progresses similar to the frame-by-frame drawings for an animation, as she intended. Basically, to quote her: "[Her] goal is to make the comic read like a color script for a movie." (Example shown here ------>

Right now, she actually has the whole story finished in terms of plot, after 8 years of working it. It's uncertain as to when the comic is going to end, but she'll keep drawing until she reaches that point. I've got high hopes for the story and I'm glad Emily introduced me to it. As always, the link to the comic will be posted below. Feel free to check it out.

Well, that's it for me. The next update will be in a few days. In the meantime, I hope everyone's doing well on the way to finals. May I interest you in a good comic to read for when you take a short break from studying?

As usual, keep an eye out for the next update, coming soon. Take care.
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-04-19 12:51:04
Damn, when I meant soon, I guess I really meant it. Okay then. On to the next update, then.

This next one requires a bit of background context. Years ago, Namco had a Videogame franchise by the name "Klonoa." For those of you who've heard of it, good for you, we're friends now. If not, worry not. Klonoa is a series about a cat-bunny-hybrid....thing, I don't fucking know, but that's not important. Klonoa is known as the Dream Traveller, someone gifted with the power to wander between the waking world and the world of dreams. He wields the powerful Wind Ring, an artifact that, when given a suitable power supply, can shoot wind bullets to inflate and/or capture enemies. It may not seem like much, but it's quite handy. Anyway, the series has a decent handful of games that came out, as well as its own manga, but the two main games of the series were "Klonoa: Door to Phantomile" (PS1, later remade for the Wii and renamed simply "Klonoa") and " Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil." Now the series was thought to have died out after the second game, leaving the protagonist to a fate of subtle cameos in "Namco x Capcom" and the "Tales of" series....and then the Wii's remake came out, only to kill the series even more....smdh.

OR DID IT............That's right, turns out that there was a Webcomic for the series that picks up some time after the second game. Back in September of 2012 the first page of "Klonoa: The Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol" was posted online, the story headed and written by Jim Zub of Udon Entertainment. It was Namco-Bandai's last attempt to keep the character alive, but it didn't last long. After probably a year or so, the comic was left on a cliffhanger, although it is likely never to continue. Only 65 pages long, it makes for a quick read.

Alright, I guess this is the point where I give a brief synopsis of the comic. Well, the series is already dead, so I'm not gonna regret butchering the plot. Here we go......The comic begins with our hero recapping his past feats and adventures before going to sleep. As soon as he closes his eyes, he's immediately thrown right into the fray as his is old homeworks of Phantomile is being attacked by evil minions. Shit hits the fan when the bad guy in charge, Tenebrae Hue shoots a rocket at the 'Night Sun' (because why not), thus releasing all of its Dream Energy. The story is a little odd, but it picks up pretty well as it goes on. The only drawback to the series is that none of the supporting characters get any sort of depth or quick background, thus expecting the reader to already know who the characters are from the series.

Despite my issues with the Webcomic, I still found it worth reading because of my attachment to the series as a kid. You can find the link below, see what you think.

As always, if you ever read down this far into the post, then you have a greater attention span than I would probably give you credit for. Kudos to you. Anyway, I'm gonna look into the manga for this series and see if it's any better. Just sit tight and the update will be around at some point. Until then........c'ya.
Title: Webcomics Update
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-04-24 12:43:38
Hello again, everyp- everybody. Time for another update. The bad news is that I can't really find an official website for this Webcomic, so I'm missing some key background info on it to share here. Therefore, the post is gonna be shorter than I wanted. So without further ado......

Today's webcomic is called "Stutterhug," by Samantha Davies, an artist from the United Kingdom. I gotta say that it's kinda hard to go about describing it clearly in one shot. The series is a silent comic: the story tells itself without the show of dialogue between characters. Also, it's a 'slice of life' comic, but not in the usual way. Each page visits a different set of characters from the previous one, some pages introducing new characters onlyhave a one-shot story while others actually revisit older characters. However the latter case is not seen that often throughout the series. What intrigues me the most about this is that it gives the Davies the chance to draw all sorts of characters and things. I don't usually come across this as much in other comics, especially in a 'slice of life' one at that. Usually the artthat have a set cast that they stick to, adding in one or two new members to the cast as it goes on. Stuttering, on the other hand, feels like you're watching a series of shorts in which there neither exists a main, support, nor background character for the sake of plot. It's actually pretty cool when you think about it....

Now I must warn you if you've read this far: this webcomic can and will take you on a feels-trip. For example, some pages tell stories of: a Dragon teaching its child how to breathe fire, the spirit of a wolf guiding her tired, lost pups back home one last time before fading away (T^T), losing a friend (to hibernation, but still), and a sad troll. But trust me "Stutterhug" isn't all about mushy stuff, there's humor in the pages as well. I won't spoil anything else, but the link will be below for you to explore on your own time. In fact, there will be 2 links to the comic (the artist posts it on Tumblr and Taptastic, in case you have a preference). <------For reading the comic and checking out more art by Davies <-----For just reading the comic

And with that, I bid you all adieu. Keep an eye out for the next update.
Title: Webcomics Update (Last One this Semester)
Post by: BronyTails on 2016-05-03 17:10:39
Hey everyone. Welcome to what is the last update this semester. Given the circumstances, (running out of comicss to discuss), this may very well be my last post on this thread for a while. If I find anything new to talk about, I'll be happy to post it here. Other than that, readers are still free to contribute.

So, (despite all reluctance of talking about this comic) in honor of this being my last post this semester, I'm going to talk about the very first Webcomic I've ever read. It was this series that sparked 2 defining moments for me. The first being that I discovered what webcomic's were. The second was that, when I first read it, I finally understood what furries were, and a combination of my introverted personality and societal peer pressure and standards led me to question/deny my identity as one at first. I finally accepted it later on down the line, so that's that.

If you read my summary or even the comic itself, you might realize why I was reluctant about this one. So, let's get right to it then.

"Las Lindas" is a series about a farm that's run by a cow (and for some reason that still doesn't sound right when I say it). The comic was started in September of 2004 by Gonzalo "Chalo" Reyes, and it has been going strong to this day. I actually have been on and off in reading it because of time and obligations, so there's a lot of catching up to do from where I last left off. The series has gone on weekly, practically uninterrupted, and has a handful of characters. There are various side-stories to the comic, consisting of: origin stories, outside life, character introduction, comedic arcs, non-canon "what-if" stories, canon filler arcs, etc.

So the series starts out being centered around Mora Linda, a young calf who inherited her family's farm after her mother's passing. At the time, the farm was run down, had no employees, and was struggling to make ends meet, not to mention that an old-friend-turned-enemy of Mora's was scheming to run the farm out of business. However, with an amazing stroke of luck, Mora managed to scrounge up a rag-tag group of farmhands to keep Las Lindas up and running, good as new. And by rag-tag, I really mean it: one competent worker who became the eye-candy for all the girls, a pair of orphans, a college dropout, an old family friend, an old stalker and his 2 pixie companions, a country girl, a young motherly-type girl with parental issues, and a technological ghost composed of millions of nanobots. Somehow or another the farm's staff survived getting things back in line, and more impressively have survived each other, resulting in them becoming more of a family to each other now. It may seem nice and sublte there, but things get awkward up to a certain point.

Another reason I fell out of it......I learned that the creator got a little frisky with the comic and it started to show more and more as the series went on. At this point, the story has branched out into the everyday happenings of the main cast, but some characters have some unpleasant arcs. If you venture into those parts, don't say I didn't warn you. As always you can find the link below, give it a shot if you dare.

I gotta say that I'm glad to have done this and contribute in my own way. I appreciate everyone who has been following the thread as well as those of you who contributed. This was a fun little thing to do this semester and I hope to come back to it at some point. Thanks guys. This is Tails, signing off.
Title: Re: Webcomics
Post by: tormaid on 2016-09-20 23:26:03
I'm posting the powerpoint Tails worked so hard on for last week's presentation here, so anyone who is interested in reading it can do so.
Title: Re: Webcomics
Post by: 13thMuse on 2017-02-06 01:43:12
This might be different from the other webcomics on here, but lately "Check, Please!" has been pretty popular in my corner of the internet. It's about college hockey players, some of which are Canadian, and some of which are gay. The MC is a tiny effeminate boy from Georgia and it kind of warms my heart to see him getting to stretch his wings a bit in a more forgiving environment. It's not really a "yaoi" comic though (no tropes or NSFW). You can read it here:  (
Title: Re: Webcomics
Post by: The Swordinator on 2017-02-09 19:10:00
Here's a web comic I've been following for a few years. The Order of the Stick. (
It's a stick figure comic based in a DnD setting. It starts out as mostly a platform to make jokes about DnD but then turns into a awesome story with a stellar cast of characters.